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Paint Ball Castelloli | Adrenalina Paintball

What is Paintball?

Paintball is the sport in which participants use markers, they used them to mark cattle farms in the agricultural cattle. Was sold in catalogs and used to mark trees or animals. These markers are driven by compressed air, CO2 or other gases, to shoot small balls filled with paint to other players. In essence it is a complex strategy game in which players touched by paintballs during the game are eliminated in this sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently, depending on the mode. Contrary to what you think is one of the safest outdoor sports.
Usually in a game of paintball teams face in order to eliminate all the players of the opposing team a goal or complete (as capturing a flag or eliminating a specific player). A typical non-professional game of paintball usually lasts around five minutes to half an hour. The basic equipment needed to play paintball is not too expensive (although it may be the marker and other high-end). The number of paintballs fired during a game varies depending on the game mode and a player to another: some shoot hundreds, a few others and some even do not get to shoot throughout the game.
Since its inception, paintball has drawn a crowd of casual players or permanent. S Sporting Goods Manufacturer's Association estimates that about 10 million Americans annually play paintball.
The paintball games can be played indoors or outdoors and take various forms, being some of the most popular tournament and woodsball and speedball. The rules vary widely from one to another form, being mostly designed for participants to enjoy the game in a safe environment. it is also possible to play in forests or natural areas.


Paintball started as a hunting game between two friends in the woods of Henniker, New Hampshire. It was originally named National Survival Game, as it was not considered a sport at that stage. In 1976, Hayes Noel, a debolsa broker and his friend Charles Gaines, a writer, came home talking about Gaines' recent trip to Africa and his experiences hunting buffalo. Eager to recreate the adrenaline rush that caused the thrill of the hunt, and inspired by Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Game, the two friends conceived the idea of ​​creating a game where they could stalk and hunt each another.2
In the following months, the friends talked about what sorts of qualities and characteristics made for a good hunter and survivalist. However, they got stuck, how to devise a test of those skills. It was not until a year and a half later that George Butler, a friend, showed them a paintball gun in an agricultural catalog. The weapon was a Nelspot 007 marker manufactured by the Nelson Paint Company and was used by farmers to mark vacas.3 Noel and Gaines each bought a marker and held a match that became the first depaintball game. Gaines ganó.4
By now, the friends devised basic rules of the game based on capture the flag (capture the flag), and invited friends and a writer from Sports Illustrated to play. They called their game Survival ('survival') and an article about him was published in the June 1980 Sports Illustrated.4 As growing interest in the game, Gaines and Noel formed a company, National Survival Game, and They signed a contract with Nelson Paint Company to be the exclusive distributor of its equipment paintball.5 After this, licensed to franchisees in other states the right to sell their guns, paint and goggles. As a result of its monopoly on equipment, they went into profit in just six months.5
The first games of paintball were very different from modern. The Nelspot guns were the only ones available. CO2 cartridges used 12 grams, carried a maximum of 12 shots, and had to be cocked after every shot. The Dedicated paintball masks had not yet been created, so players wore glasses that left exposed the rest of his face. The first paintballs were oil-based and therefore were not soluble in water, so the "turpentine parties" were common after a day of partida.3 Games often lasted for hours as players stalked each other , and since each player had only a limited number of rounds, shooting was raros.6
Between 1981 and 1983, rival manufacturers began to create competing products, and it was during this time that the sport despegó.7 Paintball technology gradually developed as manufacturers added a front pump for easy cocking, then replaced cartridges 12 grams for larger air tanks, commonly called "constant air" 8 These basic innovations were later followed by gravity feed and 45-degree elbows to facilitate loading from the tolva.8
Since its inception, paintball has drawn a crowd of casual players or permanent. The Sporting Goods Manufacturer's Association estimates that about 10 million Americans annually play paintball.
The paintball games can be played indoors or outdoors and take various forms, and some of the most popular the tournament and woodsball and speedball. Rules vary widely from one form to another, most are being designed for participants to enjoy the game in a safe environment.

PSP World Cup

PSP is the most important circuit in the United States, but the most popular is the last date that is held every year in October and in 2010 a team champions Russia were called Russian Legion. Also they are participating South American teams and among the Fusion of Venezuela getting the team gold and team division2 LOD (Legion Of Doom) is an Argentine team and remained in the No. 23 position in its class.


Spanish paintball leagues

In Spain several paintball leagues are played the most important of SPPL (Spanish Paintball League) and SCAN (Xball Paintball League) that are the most important national leagues.
South League also plays (now in its tenth edition), the Balearic League, the League of Madrid, Extremadura League, the Catalan League, the Galician League, League Murcia, and Levante (the latter is no longer celebrated League ).
Moreover tournaments, such as IPT (International Paintball Tournament) in Peñíscola, Can Garriga tournament, the anniversary of Paintball Sport Totana, or open de Mallorca Madness played.
At European level the Millenium, passing a day in Fuengirola (Malaga), and teams from around the world come to play it is also played.
The candidacy of Santander 2016 supported this sport trying to create a national league worldwide.


Safety rules

Safety helmet

As in many other sports, safe participation in a game of paintball requires respect safety rules. The probability of being injured in other popular sports team is much higher, for example, about 12 times higher for football and 7 times higher for baseball. It is also said that paintball is safer than even golf and bowling in terms of player injuries.


The rule most important paintball sure is that all players must wear a protective mask, typically plastic that covers the entire face and bent over her ears at all times when playing or you are near marker without lock canyon. Although the paintballs do not produce permanent injuries most of the body, eyes and ears to a lesser extent, are vulnerable to serious injury if they impact a paintball. Paintball masks are specially designed for this sport and are able to withstand a direct hit from a paintball to 90 m / s. Commercial paintball facilities require players to wear a mask specifically designed for this sport which is usually a hard plastic or light metal.



In addition to the mandatory use of masks, the markers must not fire paintballs above a certain speed. Paintballs fired more than 90 m / s can cause severe bruising and breaking the skin and even your fingers. Many commercial facilities require a slower speed paintball, normally about 65 - 80 m / s (280 to 290 fps) so as to have an extra margin of safety. Even slower speeds can be painful over short distances should be avoided where possible. Players sometimes wear thick jackets and gloves to cover your skin. The maximum speed for a ball has been standardized at 300 feet per second (90 m / s).
The speed of the paintballs can be measured with a cinemómetro (misnamed chronograph, the inglesachrony abbreviation), which are common in commercial facilities of paintball, but must be purchased if played outside. Those players playing without adjusting the output speed of the paintballs are risking possible injury, since changes in temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure can affect this rate, it must be checked several times throughout the day . The marker should also cronografiarse after any adjustment or replacement of any part, as this could significantly alter the shutter speed.

Barrel locking devices

All players must use some kind of barrel blocking device in their markers when they are not actively participating in a game. These devices usually take the form of a small bag or cap (known as condom or dummy cannon) covering the end of the barrel and is held in place by an elastic cord wound to the marker. The barrel sock so would trap any paintball fired by accident. Prior to its introduction in the late 1990s locking devices used cannon were more caps (also called dummies), pieces of hard plastic with rubber rings that were introduced by the end of the barrel. Because these caps could fall or be thrown from the barrel if accidental shootings occurred, commercial facilities currently require as a standard measure of security to use the socks. Newer markers have a safety interlock system, in which a button on the side of the marker blocks the trigger. However, even with this addition, players should always wear a barrel blocking device.

Elimination of players

Players are eliminated one other game reaching their opponents with a paintball that breaks upon impact with them and let them paint mark visible. The rules about the size you have a paint mark to be considered a valid hit can vary, but do not have the paint marks left by a ball that breaks against other objects before reaching the player, which is known as splash. When a player is marked, they are eliminated from the game.
Most rules consider hits on any part of the body, clothing, equipment or anything that the player carries or view valid. This includes the feet, the marker, backpack or an object taken from the field. Some variants do not consider white on the marker or head, or body parts, as anyone except the torso, or require more than one target in certain areas of the body so that the player is eliminated. These special rules must be agreed at the start of the games.
If a player is unsure of whether a mark they have received is valid or not white, either because the brand comes from a splash, because they can not see the body part where they were met or that the shot comes from a player who already has been removed, you can ask an arbitrator or a colleague to determine whether the target is valid or not. This action is called paint check ('paint test') and may be ordered shouting these words to a nearby referee. Some rules allow the referee neutral declare a player for a paint check so that you can examine it more closely, because when a player is neutral, must temporarily leave the game while being checked, so you can not shoot and can disparársele .
Players will also be eliminated from the game for other reasons, such as delete themselves shouting it, be achieved by paint grenades or mines (if the game allows its use), or an offense as departing from the scope or abandon the point starting before the start of the same.
As players are eliminated declare it even if they have not really been achieved, players should always check that a paintball that has reached them came to leave a mark. A paintball can achieve the body of a player without breaking, which is not a target. Players can also request a paint check opponent if they think that achieved, especially if it seems not to have noticed or try to hide or eliminate a target. Delete a paint brand and keep playing is a serious trap commonly known as wiping ('clean') often have serious penalties, including permanent ban on access to commercial paintball facility. In tournaments a penalty '3 for 1', where the offender removed from the game and three other teammates more often applied.


Some rules require that a player at a distance of an opponent who has not seen him (usually 5-7 m) should ask it to surrender (shouting an agreed sentence) before shooting. If the opponent verbally or access of hands or the marker are considered made and removed from the game. On the contrary, if they refuse or attempt any hostile action (such as turning to fire), the player who made the surrender can shoot. However, while waiting for a response this player can be hit by fire from other players. Be achieved from such a short distance by a paintball can be painful, and it is considered polite and good sportsmanship offer the opponent a chance to surrender whenever possible instead of unnecessarily shooting from a very short distance.
In almost every tournament surrender is not contemplated, and if a player catches the opponent off guard is free to shoot. Tactics such as run through, consisting of running through the field shooting as many opponents as possible, they have developed over time and are very important. Another popular movement is bunkering in which a player charges against a bunker or barricade behind which an opponent is protected and fires from above or from the sides.

 The myth of pain

It is no myth! The impacts of the balls on your body create a feeling that can qualify as "pain", but in no way is an intense and enormous pain, in fact it is the pride that not physical, which lasts no more than five seconds impact. The speed of the marker always has to be regulated to a maximum of 100 meters per second, while the speed is kept your security is guaranteed, in fact, in all its forms Paintball is the safest sport in the world; according to the Association of Companies, it is safer than Golf.

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